Semi Truck Crashes in Point Loma Heights

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Big rigs are a common sight in San Diego; especially if you are constantly stopped in traffic on the 15, 5, 8, or 805. Unfortunately, the more semis there are on the freeway, the higher the risk of a serious big rig collision. The damage of a big rig accident can be significantly worse than a collision involving two smaller vehicles. There is an over-sized risk of devastating injuries when one of the vehicles involved weighs 80,000 pounds.

If you've been injured in a truck crash in Point Loma Heights or anywhere in San Diego, our dedicated big rig injury attorneys can help you obtain compensation for your property damage, pain and suffering, and injuries. The Law Offices of Arash Khorsandi provides unrivaled client services while addressing the needs of our clients. Contact us at 619-577-4957 now for a free consultation with our truck accident legal experts.

Big Rig Accidents in Point Loma Heights

Semi Crashes in Point Loma Heights

Truck drivers face daunting hours on the road. These extended periods of driving can lead to drowsiness. Tired truckers could experience reckless driving, a lack of concentration, distracted driving, or falling asleep behind the wheel, posing a risk to other vehicles. A loaded truck can weigh the same as 20 average vehicles. The aftermath when a truck that massive collides with an SUV, or average-sized car can be devastating. Catastrophic injuries are common after truck crashes. Injuries from a truck crash can include:

Receiving medical attention for serious injury after a crash is important to your well-being, as well as your legal case.

Why Hire a Point Loma Heights Truck Accident Lawyer?

Semi truck accident cases involving serious injuries are touch to litigate because insurance companies will attempt to compensate as little as possible for lost wages, medical treatment, and car rentals. Legal claims could also have multiple defendants, each attempting to argue the facts of the crash. Their goal is to create as much doubt, and uncertainty as possible to convince accident victims to settle immediately.

Our experienced big rig crash lawyers have your best interests in mind. We will offer reassurance that your injury claims are valid. While the insurance companies are looking out for their profits, our devoted legal team only cares about your health, recovery, and legal rights. We examine evidence, speak with everyone involved in the accident, and review medical records to investigate your accident. We ensure the insurance companies offer a proper compensation package or we will file a lawsuit.

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