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What if an Uninsured Driver Hits You?

Posted by sdcaraccidentlaw - April 10, 2017 2:00 pm

The state of California requires all drivers to carry minimum liability insurance, yet many motorists choose to drive uninsured. Uninsured drivers put everyone at risk because if they get involved in a car accident. Drivers may not be able to pay for the damages out of pocket, especially when the accident results in serious injuries. Fortunately, insured drivers have options in order to protect themselves from negligent motorists.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage insurance are designed to protect drivers. It protects you when the person at fault for a crash does not have insurance, or the policy that they purchased does not have sufficient funds to cover all of the damages. In California, UIM coverage must be offered to drivers, but it is not required for drivers to purchase it. Filing a UIM claim will not increase your premium amounts either.

Another type of insurance that can possibly protect you when a driver with no insurance hits you is collision coverage. However, collision coverage will only pay for the damage done to your vehicles and will not cover medical bills or any other expenses that result from the accident. This coverage can be added to your policy at an extra cost and is helpful in cases when the accident does not result in injuries but your vehicle gets damaged.

Injured victims of an accident may also have the option of filing a lawsuit against the person at fault. Lawsuits against uninsured drivers are rare, and even if successful may not result in obtaining compensation. Many people who are uninsured do not have assets or money saved to be able to cover the costs.

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